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NESN’s one-and-only Mad Fisherman, Charlie Moore, brings you the best of New England fishing on every week on NESN. Don’t think fishing is exciting? We guarantee that Charlie can change your mind. Watch as the Mad Fisherman catches largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, runs for President, and dives into the lake to catch the fish that got away. You never can tell what Charlie will do, so let’s get our lures in the water and go fishing with Charlie Moore.

Over the years, Charlie Moore Outdoors has featured tons of celebrities – running the gamut from sports giants like Bobby Orr and Bill Lee to musicians like Ted Nugent to Batman!

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From Redfish and cigar bars in South Carolina to Bone Fish and Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, I have been invited to visit a lot of cool places all around the world and have met many great people on Charlie Moore: No Offense!  Check your local listings for show times, or watch on:

NESN and the Bruins are teaming up to give fans of the black and gold a never-before-seen look at their favorite team. For the eigth straight year, the Bruins have granted “Behind the B” cameras unprecedented access into the team’s locker room, executive boardroom, and player’s homes that will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the organization throughout the duration of the 2014-15 campaign. Don’t miss a minute of the behind-the-scenes action this season on NESN.

BEHIND THE B is broadcast regionally on NESN (New England Sports Network) home of the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

“Bruins Academy,” a new kids-centric, fast-paced educational program will air monthly and help teach the game of hockey to younger fans. The show will be hosted by Charlie Moore and will feature BostonBruins.com reporter Caryn Switaj.

“Growing the game of hockey in our region is a top priority for the Bruins organization,” Bruins president Cam Neely said in a statement. “We hope that Bruins Academy is equal parts entertaining and educational for kids throughout New England who love our game and want to learn more about it.”

The new show will continue the Bruins’ and NESN’s continued support of youth hockey in New England with multiple youth hockey programs such as the Little Bruins program and the annual TD Bank Mini 1-on-1 tournament.

“Bruins Academy is a continuation of the team’s long and enthusiastic history of supporting youth hockey,” NESN president and CEO Sean McGrail said in the statement. “We are excited to bring this fun and engaging new show to young fans throughout New England.”

Among the segments will be “Teaching the Game,” which will help teach the game of hockey with help from Bruins players, coaches and staff. Viewers also will have a chance to ask the Bruins questions in the “Learning the Game” segment, in which Bruins players will answer viewer-submitted questions.

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