To My Mad Fisherman Followers,

I am reaching out to share the work of an incredible non-profit with you to spread awareness for their cause.Reach for the Top Therapy Services is a non-profit rehabilitation center that provides skilled therapy services to children with disabilities in Dover, NH. Its mission is to work with families to provide individually tailored, holistic, respectful, and evidence-based occupational, physical, and speech therapies, in a supportive environment using fun and engaging activities to help children with exceptional needs thrive.

My grandson needed specialized NICU services when he was first born, and while he did not need continued rehabilitative care, I genuinely appreciate the families that do need Reach’s services and believe every family with a child that is struggling should have access to these critical supports.

For instance, Mason started therapy at Reach for the Top struggling to meet his motor, speech, and feeding milestones. Through Reach’s family-centered approach, his family learned to practice the strategies in clinic and at home, that helped him learn to sit upright for meals, communicate his needs and wants, transition from only drinking milk and coughing/choking with any bites of food, to eating a whole variety of foods with his family every day, drinking water, walking, and developing into the strong-willed, thriving young man he is today, with a family that was filled with hope and able to help and celebrate his development throughout his therapy journey.

Whether it’s Mason or someone else, families who have children with special needs face significant challenges. Reach is committed to walking beside them, so those challenges won’t prevent them from obtaining the future they and their families dream of. Reach’s therapists go above and beyond to find fun and creative ways to empower children and families. Children and their families gain new skills and confidence through play, by using aquatic therapy, a hippotherapy program (using a horse as a therapy tool), feeding therapy, a sensory garden, STEM hands-on learning, and other accessible and fun learning tools practiced in the clinic, in their community, and at home, helping them thrive.

All children need love, encouragement, and support, and for kids with special needs, such positive reinforcement can help ensure that they emerge with independence, a strong sense of self-worth, inclusion, confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough.

Please join me in contributing to Reach. Your gift, along with others, helps provide the necessary therapies to hundreds on seacoast families.

If you can give to this fantastic cause, you can do so at: