Charlie Moore No Offense Application

Would you like to invite Charlie Moore to come into your world?

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From Redfish and cigar bars in South Carolina to Bone Fish and Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, I have been invited to visit a lot of cool places all around the world and have met many great people during 3 seasons of Charlie Moore: No Offense!

I would really like to come into your hometown and have you show me what makes it a great destination to visit! Show me the best way to fish in your area, the best places to eat and anything else that makes the lifestyle in your hometown special.

But be prepared for me to critique you, in true Mad Fish style!

Do you want to appear on an episode of Charlie Moore: No Offense, the Worldwide Syndicated lifestyle/reality show?   Read these notes from our producers before you fill out the application:

This is not a challenge show, but a lifestyle show that highlights how you like to fish and have fun.

We receive a lot of entries so make yours detailed about how the trip will go and why Charlie should come to your world, other than the cigars and porterhouses of course!

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your invitation!