Has it really been over two decades that Charlie Moore has been entertaining NESN audiences with his wild antics and hilarious escapades?  You better believe it! And one man who has been there to see it all happen is NESN’s own Tom Caron. Tom was a guest with Charlie on NESN’s Front Row way back in 1997 (before Charlie Moore Outdoors even existed!) and is credited with giving the Mad Fisherman his nickname. Well Charlie’s decided to bring TC back to the water and the two long-time on-air personalities are heading to Beverly Harbor to go after some stripers! It’s a trip down memory lane as two of NESN’s longest-tenured icons trade stories, reminisce, and catch some fish. We’ll see clips from Tom and Charlie’s Front Row days and also witness a thrilling “walk-off” ending to the old friends’ fishing competition. Who will emerge victorious? Tune in to see, but of course everyone’s a winner on Charlie Moore Outdoors, only on NESN!

December 24 @ 14:00
2:00 pm