East Boston native and New England Patriot Super Bowl Champion Jermaine Wiggins hangs out in the Mad Fisherman‘s World. Charlie takes Jermaine salt water fishing in Seabrook, NH.  Jermaine doesn’t handle the rough seas too well.  Fishing is tough on the salt water, but Jermaine catches a nice striper.  Charlie and Jermaine have lunch at the Tuna Striker.  Jermaine takes Charlie into his world for a bit of authentic Italian cuisine at a local Italian restaurant called Reno’s.  Charlie and Jermaine hook up on day two on calmer waters for some fresh water bass fishing.  Charlie catches several nice largemouth bass.  Jermaine shows off his ice hockey skills.  The two cap off a great week shoot with a cigar and a cookout at Twins Smoke Shop.

November 30 @ 23:30
11:30 pm