We all know that Charlie Moore can entertain the masses week after week. And we all know that he can catch a lot of fish.  But can the Mad Fisherman catch a big fish? That is the question, and tonight we will get the answer. The gauntlet has been thrown down, the fans have spoken, and they want Charlie to catch a 4-pound bass. So the intrepid angler has set out with his trusty crew with one goal in mind – a Four Pound Bass. But of course it’s not all business out on the water. Charlie and his cameraman get into a little “memorable movie quotes” trivia showdown, the whole crew has Bee-Gees Fever, and the Codfather stops by to give his take on the whole affair. Mad Fish evens gets off the water for a bit to check out a charity golf tournament organized by NESN’s own Jayme Parker where he bumps into Bobby Orr, Andy Brickley, Theo Epstein, and a host of other Boston athletes and celebrities. And the crazy part is, since Charlie can’t golf due to a nagging shoulder injury, he’s brought in Mad Fish Bodyguard and Long-Drive Champ Larry Saggese as a fill-in ringer! Only Charlie Moore can pull that off! It’s all big fish, bigger laughs, and long drives in another wild episode in the Charlie Moore Summer of Fun, only on NESN!


May 29 @ 23:30
11:30 pm