Ahhhh….Summertime in New England…. The temperature is high, the bass are biting, and the Mad Fisherman is loving life. Charlie’s heading out for his morning bite (11 AM!!) and he is just killing them. But it isn’t all peaches and cream for Mad Fish, we’re going to make him work today! Charlie leaves the lake for a while and heads to Warwick, RI to meet the winner of ExMark’s “Catchin’ Bass & Cuttin’ Grass with Charlie Moore contest”. It’s time for the Mad Fisherman to get his hands dirty with the help of ExMark’s “cutting”-edge machinery and landscaper extraordinaire Larry Saggese.  What will be more surprising? The awesome make-over the lawn gets, or the fact that Charlie’s doing manual labor? Mad Fish will wrap up the day by grilling some mouth-waterinig Wagyu steaks for the crew. It’s all part of another great episode in Charlie Moore’s Summer of Fun, only on NESN.

June 13 @ 12:00
12:00 pm