Now we all know that Charlie Moore is crazy….he is the Mad Fisherman, after all…. But did you really think he was crazy enough to put his Aubuchon bass boat on the line in a fishing tournament?? You better believe it! In this episode, Charlie has somehow got himself involved in a contest where the winners, all the way from Idaho, get to travel to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire to fish against the Mad Fisherman tournament-style. If they win, they get the Aubuchon boat, plain and simple. But it’ll be no easy feat. Charlie’s got his buddy and long-time fishing partner Joel St. Germain along for the ride. The bass are biting on Lake Winni, but for which team?? It’s a crazy contest that’s not to be missed in this week’s Charlie Moore Outdoors on NESN!

July 6 @ 23:30
11:30 pm