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Saturday , July 22
1:30 AM ET It's a Wonderful Life
Charlie heads to Island Falls, Maine, and hooks up with Harvard Hockey star Lauren McAuliffe. Charlie catches many beautiful smallmouth and talks women's hockey with Lauren. Charlie hangs out with his wife and kids at the cabins at the lake. Charlie visits a local historic bowling alley and checks out a local restaurant. Charlie grills up one of his favorite recipes.

12:00 PM ET Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Charlie fishes in his own neighborhood and makes the comparison to Fred Rogers and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Charlies catches several Larries and makes an authentic Greek octopus dish on the grill. Charlie looks to land a 5½ lb. bass. Charlie grills a 24-ounce Porterhouse steak and explains the difference between a T-Bone and a Porterhouse.

12:30 PM ET "Ahhh! Groupaaa!" (Marco Island)
Charlie heads to Florida for some fun in the sun in Marco Island. Dinner with Rickey Medlocke from the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. Charlie hooks up with local angler Billy B. Rod. Things turn ugly for Mad Fish right from the get-go on his quest for the Goliath Grouper. Things do not get any better the next day when Billy takes Charlie Snook fishing. Frustrated, Charlie hooks up with another local fisherman Charles Bass. They catch a ton of fish in a local Florida canal. Charlie gives Billy B. Rod one more shot for the Goliath Grouper. Charlie visits a few local restaurants with Angela and tries the local fish.

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