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Saturday , July 21
12:00 PM ET John Dennis
WEEI Radio legend John Dennis teams up with Charlie Moore The Mad Fisherman. Charlie takes John out fishing for the first time since he was a kid. The Mad Fisherman has his work cut-out as he tries to teach John how to cast. John talks to Charlie about his long career in TV and radio. A bit of controversy arises during the trivia segment and confusion on what lake John and Charlie are really fishing. The Mad Cook heads back to Mad Fish Land and John and Charlie have a little bit of a cook-off on this episode. Catch all of the fun with Charlie and John Dennis tonight only on NESN!

12:30 PM ET Mad Fish Christmas Bash 2017
Charlie and his family ring in the holiday season by throwing a Mad Fish Christmas Bash. Angela makes Carbonara. Charlies plays bartender and shows off his holiday duck recipe. Charlie visits CR's the Restaurant and Angelina's to see what's hot on the menu this holiday season. Everyone toasts to the New Year.

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